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Warranty coupons based on the Monti Decree

The Monti decree (or the Ber – Block Exemption Rule law), is a European regulation that came into
force on 31 July 2002, and recently extended until 2023 with the issuing of Regulation (EU) no.
461/2010, with the aim of regulating the distribution, repair and maintenance of motor vehicles, as well as the supply of spare parts.
In order to take advantage of the warranty of your vehicle, there is no longer the obligation to carry out coupons and ordinary repairs at an official dealer of the manufacturer.
All the verification coupons provided in the maintenance booklet (the first included) and ordinary repairs can also be performed at independent garages that meet the following rules:
1. Exclusive use of spare parts of equivalent quality to the original (ie spare parts with the same quality as the original ones but not produced according to the technical specifications and production standards of the parent company of the vehicle).
2. Compliance with precise instructions and accurate procedures dictated by the parent company of the vehicle, for proper maintenance and repair;
3. Proper documentation of the interventions performed and the checks carried out (stamp on the maintenance booklet).